10 Benefits of Accurate Data

Success in raising money all comes down to your data: accurate, qualified and up-to-date Data. Discover what Marketplace can do for your business. The better your data, the more meetings you can set up and the bigger pipeline you can create.

Primer on Institutional Investor Databases

If you are contemplating subscribing to an institutional investor database, then this is for you.

3 Pillars of Sales Success

Our world is discovering data on all institutional pools of capital and that extends from the RIA Channel all the way through to direct pension funds. Data discovery and delivering that data to our customers is our #1 goal.

RIA Channel Primer

How important is the RIA channel to your growth efforts? It’s critically important if you manage a mutual fund and/or manage long only equities or fixed income. Since the RIA  Channel is growing so quickly and because they are more and more willing to use different product structures , it’s becoming more and more important for hedge fund managers and private equity, private credit and private real estate managers.